Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Master Cleanse

Getting SL's wasn't just a hair decision for me but a decision to get back to a more natural way of life all around, including my food choices. As I was sitting getting my SL's installed, MM and I were discussing weight and she mentioned the Master Cleanse as a good way to lose 10lbs. So of course, I went on line and checked it out (

IMO this is not a diet, it's a liquid fast. As a result of not eating solid food, your system is being cleansed of toxins and losing weight is a bonus. With everything I was going through in life, I thought it would be a good time to fast and pray and get myself back into harmony. Plus I'm an adventurous type of person and I like to challenge myself.

Well, today is my 10th and final day on the fast (you can go longer but the minimum is 10 days and thats good enough for me). That means I have not eaten any solid foods in 10 days....WOW!! I'm pretty amazed myself. Not a piece a bread, a cracker, a biscut, gum, nothing but the lemonade drink. My stomach hasn't growled once and I haven't been hungry either. Don't get me wrong, there are times when I want to eat b/c I see something that looks absolutely delish. Really it's mental. I have more energy and my mind is clearer. I think I've lost about 10lbs. Also, I noticed my allergies aren't as severe as they usually are. Days 2-4 were the worse b/c I was having headaches from my caffeine habit. Overall, the experience has been good and I will probably do this once a year. But I can't lie....I can't wait to EAT!!!

You can't just jump back into solid foods so my first real meal won't be until Sunday. I'm already planning and dreaming about what I'm going to eat. I can't be a raw food vegetarian like the website promotes, I'm just too much of a foodie! But I can cut out pork, red meat, white flour, and fried foods. If anyone has any good healthy dish recommendations, let me know!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Did It!!!

First off, my consultation went great. I was quite impressed with my consultant Marvella, whom I'll call Marvelous Marvella. MM has been doing Sisterlocks for over 8 years, is a licensed cosmetologist, and doing hair is her full-time gig (mostly Sisterlocks). I was highly confident she could do the job and do it quite well. I poured through her before-and-after albums and asked all the questions I could think of. Thanks to all you ladies out there that blog and post pictures about Sisterlocks. The information was invaluable and alleviated any anxiety I had about getting locks. It really made the decision an easy choice.

By the time I left the consultation, I had three baby locks, my two-day appointment was scheduled, and I was invited back to her house later that afternoon for a spa party that many of her Sisterlock clients would be attending. I jumped at the opportunity to see her work first hand and get one-on-one feedback. While we tried on lotions and potions and sipped wine, the topic of Sisterlocks inevitably came up. Some had locks for 5 years, some for just a couple of months, some still contemplating. It was great to see all of the phases of sisterlocks and hear their stories. Earlier during my consulation, MM pointed out a picture of one lady as her 'problem head'. She may have been a 'problem head' then, but now...her locks were gorgeous. They fell just below her shoulders, looked very healthy, and well maintained. Overall, the spa party was a reaffirmation of what I already knew I wanted. I couldn't wait for the 25th! Everyone who had Sisterlocks said it was the best hair decision they ever made and I couldn't wait to feel the same.

As of February 25th, I joined the sisterlock family and MM did a fantastic job!! I feel really blessed to have found MM. She has more clients than she can handle and regularly refers potential new clients onto other consultants. I must've caught her on slow week because she didn't pass me on. Plus she lives in my community so it couldn't be more convenient.

You know the saying "life happens when you least expect it"? Yeah...that was me this past week. Life hit me with a hook, a jab, and a upper cut. I mean a triple WAPOW!! All while I was sitting in MM's chair. MM is a spunky, down to earth kind of person who says whats on her mind. I enjoyed her conversation and good advice too. I normally live a very quiet life, but for some reason life took a detour from the 'norm' during the 25 hours I sat with her putting over 700 locks in my kinky hair.

I always saw my decision to get locks as a new beginning and return to my natural self, but this is a new beginning in more ways than one. They say sisterlocks is more than a hairstyle, it's a lifestyle and I am ready for the journey.

Here are a few pics of me with flappy twists (the hair doo the waitress thought were Sisterlocks), my famed 'Babushka', and my new Sisterlocks.....Love, Peace, & Blessings!!!

Me & My Flappy Twists


The Babushka Twins: Me and Mini-me

Friday, February 6, 2009

I am not my hair

Ok, so this is my first blog and I'm new to this! I'm starting this blog because of my mission to research sister locks (micro dreads) and sheer boredom in part. Just a few weeks ago I was out having dinner with my daughter and the waitress approaches me. Pointing at my hair, she asks "Is that sister locks?". Meanwhile, I'm wearing flappy twists (hair extensions similar to kinky twists but more natural looking IMO). So I respond "No". The waitress then proceeds to hold a 5 minute plus conversation about sister locks and about how much they cost and how she wasn't paying no $700 dolla's! I don't know if she was trying to fatten up her tip or what, but I curious to find out about what this waitress talked my ear off about.

And that was beginning...I started researching sister locks online and found what seems like hundreds upon hundreds of blogs sites about it. I first came across Brunsli's blog on sister locks ( her hair) and I haven't stopped since. That was three days ago and I've been absolutely obssessed ever since! The addiction is worse than facebook :)! After all my research and reading about other people's journey with sister locks (as they say it's a lifestyle), I decided sister locks might just be for me.

I went natural for the first time in 1995 (attending Howard University has that affect on people). By 2002 I broke down and got a perm. I was married, had a daughter, step kids, a full-time career and some mo' stuff!! Believe it or not, natural hair is high maitenance and I thought by getting a perm my hair would be one less thing I had to worry about. Boy was a I wrong. A perm, like my marriage, was bad news! Between the perm, color, flat ironing, and stress from a failing relationship, my hair broke of to the quick!! I had no choice but to to cut it down low. I rocked a short hair doo for a couple of years (it was cute) and eventually it grew out and I'm back natural once again. Funny how life can bring you full circle and you 'rediscover' yourself again.

And I am. Seeking to better my life in every way, including my hair. In my desire to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life, sister locks just might be the right answer for me. I have an appointment with a sister lock consultant with 8 years experience tomorrow. Hoping for the best!! I'll let you know.