Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Master Cleanse

Getting SL's wasn't just a hair decision for me but a decision to get back to a more natural way of life all around, including my food choices. As I was sitting getting my SL's installed, MM and I were discussing weight and she mentioned the Master Cleanse as a good way to lose 10lbs. So of course, I went on line and checked it out (

IMO this is not a diet, it's a liquid fast. As a result of not eating solid food, your system is being cleansed of toxins and losing weight is a bonus. With everything I was going through in life, I thought it would be a good time to fast and pray and get myself back into harmony. Plus I'm an adventurous type of person and I like to challenge myself.

Well, today is my 10th and final day on the fast (you can go longer but the minimum is 10 days and thats good enough for me). That means I have not eaten any solid foods in 10 days....WOW!! I'm pretty amazed myself. Not a piece a bread, a cracker, a biscut, gum, nothing but the lemonade drink. My stomach hasn't growled once and I haven't been hungry either. Don't get me wrong, there are times when I want to eat b/c I see something that looks absolutely delish. Really it's mental. I have more energy and my mind is clearer. I think I've lost about 10lbs. Also, I noticed my allergies aren't as severe as they usually are. Days 2-4 were the worse b/c I was having headaches from my caffeine habit. Overall, the experience has been good and I will probably do this once a year. But I can't lie....I can't wait to EAT!!!

You can't just jump back into solid foods so my first real meal won't be until Sunday. I'm already planning and dreaming about what I'm going to eat. I can't be a raw food vegetarian like the website promotes, I'm just too much of a foodie! But I can cut out pork, red meat, white flour, and fried foods. If anyone has any good healthy dish recommendations, let me know!

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